PrEEmiuM students will be perfectly trained to meet the needs of biopharma small and medium enterprises in Canada and multinationals alike, may it be in R&D, scale-up or quality control. First and foremost, they will ensure an efficient dialogue with their peers from other fields of expertise. As PrEEmiuM trainees will have experienced the entire continuum of drug development from R&D to manufacturing, they will be uniquely prepared to access key positions in an industrial sector that needs an optimal integration of the concepts of ‘Developability’ (research pharmacist), ‘Scalability’ (engineering) and ‘Commerciability’ (regulatory agencies/industry) from the onset of drug discovery.


The objective of PrEEmiuM is to don young engineers and scientists with a global vision of (bio)pharmaceutical engineering, focused on the continuum from nano-medicine formulation to scale-up. At full capacity, the PrEEmiuM cohort will comprise 20 PhDs, 10 MScs and 3 BScs per year.

Research themes

PrEEmiuM articulates around three research training thrusts covering the entire ecosystem of innovative drug delivery platforms and their specific challenges:

Process Engineering of

Virus-like particles

as an alternative to the classical egg-based vaccine manufacturing process

Non-viral vectors

for nucleic acid delivery and nano-medicines based on protein conjugation or encapsulation

Emerging pharmaceutical forms

to exploit the full potential of class IV drugs according to the Biopharmaceutics Classification System

Program Highlight

PrEEmiuM articulates its training strategy around three stages of knowledge acquisition.

  • I Know Individual Knowledge
  • U Know Uniting KNOWledge
  • WE Know Work Experience KNOWledge